Vitamin b12 remarkable discoveries in medical and health fields

The craze of consuming vitamin b12 supplements has increased big times as soon as the latest research results have come into the limelight. The recent test results and experiments have proved that vitamin b12 is one of the most powerful components needed by a human body and also it is one of the best solutions for the most dreadful mental conditions known to man, schizophrenia.

Apart from that it also has great benefits for the would-be mothers who are yet to give birth to their babies. This has been quite a development in the fields of women and child care and health and has created quite a stir amongst the people in every part of the world.

Stay away from anti acid drugs as it tends to enhance the lack of vitamin b12 in the body

Along with such positive news regarding vitamin b12 there is also the news of how anti acid drugs and medications usually and in most cases heightens the deficiency of vitamin b12 elements in the human beings which leads to anemia in the later stage and becomes worst than anyone’s anticipation. There are two types of drugs which are mostly used to cure stomach acid occurrences and also are accused of creating deficiency of vitamin b12 in the person’s body.

First of the two drugs is the PPI drugs, the full form being ‘proton pump inhibitors’. The second anti acid drugs are the H2RA, more commonly known as ‘histamine-2 receptor antagonists’ which are given to people suffering from excessive stomach acid problems. Using these two anti acid refluxes more than often leads to the lack of vitamin b12 absorption in the human body.

Treatment of Schizophrenia with vitamin b12 supplements and enriched meals

Schizophrenia is a quite popular and highly rising brain condition where the person is unable to understand and differentiate between the ‘reality’ with his or her ‘imagination’. The symptoms of this brain condition are categorized into two broad classifications – positive and negative symptoms.

Delusion and hallucination is considered as positive kind of symptoms whereas empathy, lack of emotion and socially being withdrawn is tagged as negative symptoms of schizophrenia. Nonetheless, an experiment where patients suffering from schizophrenia were given vitamin b12 supplements as well as folate pills showed remarkable improvement from their mental conditions after a span of time. Especially the negative symptoms of this brain disorder were seen to be rectified in an amazing manner with the help of vitamin b12 along with folate medications.

Vitamin b12 is equally important as folic acid for would be mothers

To prevent the defects of the yet to be born babies, it is quite a known fact that folic acid supplements or folic acid enriched foods are prescribed to be consumed by the pregnant women. Similarly vitamin b12 supplements have also proved victorious in defeating the defects of the soon to be born child just like folic acid. Spinal cord and brain related defects are by far not been seen on mothers who consumed prescribed amount of folic acid pills along with vitamin b12 supplements when they were pregnant. Combined with exercise such as riding bikes, or lifting weights, vitamin B12 can do wonders.