4 Types of Indoor Bike Trainers to Buy

Indoor bike trainers allow you to get fitter by riding inside your home on a stationary bike, and not have your workouts disrupted due to adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow. This is the reason why these are regarded as worthwhile investment. But before you actually invest your hard earned money on a trainer, you need known about the various styles of bikes that are available in the market and which should be ideal for your experience and fitness level. Prior to spending your money on any type of indoor bike trainer, you need to know about the varied types of training and resistance levels that you need as a cyclist. Following are the 4 main types of indoor bike trainers which people go for these days.

Magnetic Trainers

These are the most inexpensive varieties and come with a magnetic plate that produces drag. You can adjust the tension by bringing the plate down and closer to the rolling drum with the help of a remote which is usually attached along the side of the handlebar. The magnets prevent the turning of the wheel and offer a less noiseless ride. Due to greater resistance level, these trainers offer a more intense exercise session to some individuals. But the resistance might slip with experienced cyclists who have the strength to pedal hard.

Fluid Trainers

In this type, a fan is encased into a chamber that is filled with fluid and sealed and the weight is made progressive. This is an effectual piece of exercise equipment and lets cyclists perform any workout conveniently – from moderate spinning bike trainerto big gear hill climbing. These mechanical resistance trainers are extremely quiet but also quite costly as they make use of a silicon fluid-filled casing and provide users with non-slip resistance.

Electronic Trainers

In these bikes, an electronic motor which offers sleek load and broad variety of adjustment usually produces the resistance. These are also referred to as computrainers and are extremely easy to handle and completely automated. You can monitor and control your time, speed, heart rate, energy levels and many other things. Although expensive, these actually offer much more than the more affordable varieties of trainers. Through specified power output targeting, incline settings and accurate resistance control, these provide users with a more accurate control over their workouts. The software offer full feedback about their performance and offers them the ability to compete against the records of other people.


These are fitted with a set of drums that are mounted to a frame. Users cycle on this frame. In these varieties, users do not receive any external support. Naturally, you have to balance yourself well so that you can perform in an able manner.

As a first time user, you will find it better to go with a normal resistance trainer which has a secure frame and involves no risk of falling down. However, if you are an experienced rider, you will find the fluid trainers more fitting for your workouts.

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