Common Allergenic Conditions Caused Due To Black Mold Exposure

Black_moldAlso known by the scientific name Stachybotrys chartarum in the medical world, Black mould   is actually a fungus of toxic variety which occur in nature and can grow in indoor as well as in outdoor environment. When it grows outdoors in moist soils, it is comparatively less harmful for human health but can cause damage to manure and wood. In the indoor environment, it can grow on various materails which absorb moisture. These include wood flooring and framing, cellulose insulation, carpet, plaster lathe and drywall. Although exposure to this type of fungus can cause various health problems, allergic reactions are the most common health hazards. These allergies are generally reactions similar to hay-fever and can cause extreme discomfort to sufferers without being acute. However, there are some allergy conditions which are more acute in nature. Read more